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An Unconventional Journey in Welding

Aug 29, 2016

A college graduate with a degree in psychology decides to pursue his love of metalworking.


There's a New Rodeo in Town

Aug 18, 2016

Welding rodeos are a great way to rasise funds for college welding programs and highlight the viability of welding as a challenging and well-paying career.


Apprenticeships Increase Profits, Productivity, and Employment

Aug 11, 2016

Studies show that apprenticeships increase worker productiviy, job security, and tax revenues.


Welding Education in Correctional Facilities: Spurring Positive Change

Aug 5, 2016

Prison welding programs help inmates prepare for a succesful return to society, decreasing recidivism rates and saving  taxpayer money.


Welding Flaws Lead to SEPTA Crisis

Jul 28, 2016

Philadelphia's largest transit provider has to pull 115 of its newest railcars due to fatigue cracks caused by faulty welds.


What Does the Trans Pacific Partnership Mean for Manufacturing? Pt.2

Jul 20, 2016

What can the U.S. do to stop the unfair practices that have made free trade agreements like the TPP a bad deal for American manufacturing workers?