The American Welding Society’s mission is one that is clearly defined and well-established, but also broad in scope and high in ambition. The challenge of continually advancing the science, technology, and application of welding, allied joining, and cutting processes is one that is met head-on every day, not only by our network of volunteers and industry leaders, but by the members of our society as well. As a global and membership-driven organization, AWS proudly touts a community that is over 70,000 members strong, spread across 22 districts and 250 sections and student chapters.

This community is as diverse as it is large, comprised of welders, engineers, educators, inspectors, supervisors, salespeople, executives, and more. The strength and reach of AWS is perhaps best illustrated by the industry professionals that make up our member base. At the same time, becoming a part of AWS allows members to progress professionally by keeping a pulse on industry news and trends, creating opportunities for networking, and developing comprehensive educational resources and programs. It is this relationship that allows AWS to uphold its ethos while building a community, and contributing to an industry, rooted in higher standards and a zeal for moving forward.