What are digital badges?

WeldLink Badges are a common language between employers, students, job seekers, and educators. Each one represents a specific certification, career, level of education, body of knowledge or set of skills. Individuals can use them to display their qualifications and employers can use them to identify the candidate that best fits their needs. Schools can also use badges to display the competencies covered by their course offerings and identify students in need of their services. Students, in turn, can use these badges to find the schools that can help them attain their educational goals.

WeldLink’s algorithms sort through the badges posted on company, school and individual profile pages to bring employers, students, job seekers, and educators together.


Are there different types of badges?

The WeldLink system currently hosts over 150 digital badges. These badges are divided into six categories:

Knowledge Badges – denote an individual’s level of understanding in a specific subject area.

Skill Badges – denote an individual’s ability to perform a physical skill at a certain level of competency.

Certification Badges – denote an individual’s AWS certifications and years of activity.

Career Badges – denote an individual’s career and years of experience.

Education Badges – denote an individual’s level of education.

Membership Badges – denote an individual’s AWS membership and volunteer status.  


How do I earn badges?

Each badge’s webpage contains the requirements for earning that particular badge. Requirement options include successful completion of online courses, instructor-led seminars, subject area quizzes, and conferences. In some instances, the completion of one requirement can be used to attain several badges. For example, an individual can successfully complete the AWS Learning Welding Fundamentals online course to earn the SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and FCAW knowledge badges.   

Skill badges are subject to verification. Individuals can add a skills badge to their profile, but it will remain unverified until the individual has successfully completed one of the requirement options listed in that skill badge’s webpage. Badges are automatically verified and/or added to an individual’s profile when they link their AWS and WeldLink accounts. To link your account go to My Account and follow the prompts.


To learn more about individual badges, or to browse available badges, please select a category below:

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