Welder  at Samuel Pressure Vessel Group

Location : Marinette, Wisconsin 54143
Job Classification : Entry-Level
Minimum Salary : $17.00
Maximum Salary : $19.00
Start Date : Starts Immediately



1) Be able to read and interpret blueprints, job routings, and Standard Engineering Specifications.

2) Properly assemble heads, shells, and flanges for circumferential seam welding.

3) Hold necessary weld certifications to fabricate and repair pressure vessels.

4) Be able to perform all kinds of welding, cutting, gouging operations applicable to Silvan, to properly fabricate pressure vessels.

5) Handset couplings, flanges, pipe nipples, legs, brackets, braces, etc., within tolerances specified on blueprints.

6) Record required information on proper forms relating to specific fabrication practices where required.

7) Pneumatic test doubler pads, and pressure vessels when required.

8) Dye penetrant inspect and do repairs to joggled shells. Successfully complete dye penetrant certification.

9) Material handling – operation of cranes, hoists, and forklifts as needed. Also successfully complete any training/safety program relating to the operation of the equipment.

10) Perform modifications or alterations to previously fabricated pressure vessels.



1) Wire feed (GMAW) welding equipment.

2) Air Carbon Arc gouging equipment

3) All Pneumatic tools available to shop employees

4) 1’, 2’, and 4’ levels, center finder, carpenters square, chalk line, compass, protractor, tape measure, circumference tape measure, center punch.

5) Hand beveller.

6) Air plasma arc cutting machine, Oxy / Acet cutting torch.

7) Various gauges and taps as required.

8) Fillet weld gauges.


Full health, dental, 401k, vacation and sick pay. Production Incentive Bonus.